Why work with me?

“How can I leave every person I interact with better than I found them?”  -Jack Easterby, (Author and American Football Coach)

My approach is simple. I want to help you move better.

Whether your goal is general fitness, strength training, fat loss, changes to your body shape, or to simply have greater ability in going about your daily activities, my focus is to help you improve yourself.

Gym experience? New to exercise? That is ok! I will provide a tailored program to meet your specific fitness and lifestyle goals which can be delivered to you in a gym, at your home, one-to-one, or with a group of friends.

I will work with your strengths. I will help you build confidence in yourself, no matter what level of fitness you have.

My ethos is in following the principles of the 5 Basic Fundamental Human Movements, as presented by Dan John (Author, Strength Coach and Athlete), in his order of importance:

1. Loaded Carries

2. Squat

3. Hinge

4. Pull

5. Push

Applying these movements within different training techniques will allow us, together, to design a program that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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