About me

Hi, I’m Alan Bishop!

Otherwise, known as Bish.

I’m new on the scene (well, sort of) but, I bet I’m very similar to many of you reading this. 34 years of working a desk job with long hours and long commutes. All the years of sitting, the inactivity, witnessing my body make changes I didn’t like, leaving me to wonder, “Why don’t I feel like I did when I was 25?”.

All that changed for me when I turned 44.

I had a choice: Join a golf club (which I was rubbish at) or do something for me that could possibly make me feel better about how I felt both “inside and outside”. For me, that something would be to join a gym again, something I hadn’t done in years. And I was terrified! But at the same time, getting back into the groove, I began to love it again! I was doing it for me!

I’m now 57 and I haven’t stopped training. I’ve made fitness a pleasurable and fun part of my life. The results have been worth it. I can honestly say that I’m now in better shape than at any other point in my life. And this experience I want to pass on to you.

Becoming a Personal Trainer was a no brainer for me. I felt it in my heart.

Giving something back, helping people, like me, with their own issues, desires, and goals, to help them feel good again, is what I’m about.

 Acquiring the qualifications to deliver correct training and nutritional advice, and adding them to my own personal experiences (the knowledge and skills gained over years of training myself), allows me to have your best interests at hand.

I believe you’re never too old to start again and I know how hard it is to make changes later in life.

So what? You’re out of shape, you know you should be eating healthier and you’re not feeling good about yourself both “inside and outside”. Well, I know I can help you. I’ll get you moving again.

 Heck, if I can do it – with 50 hour workweeks, a daily commute, helping raise a family and tending to household responsibilities – then so can you.

I know how you feel, cos I’ve been there.


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