Amazing Results from 3000+ miles away!

Before I started working with Bish a year ago, I was suffering from pain in my shoulders due to arthritis. Furthermore, being inactive and 60 yrs old, age-related muscle loss was becoming more of a problem. I never really had any upper body strength which restricted me from doing the things that I love (like gardening). Since I have been working with Bish, my mobility and overall strength has increased, allowing me to stay off medications, making my life more enjoyable. And now I feel I can be the grandma who can run after the grandchildren!

Bish started me off with resistance band pre-hab exercises to re-gain mobility and within a few weeks my shoulder pain was gone (yes-gone!). Since, he has designed a revolving weight training and conditioning programme, varying the exercises and equipment I use to keep it interesting, always encouraging me to challenge myself but not forcing it. He has always asked me to trust him and trust the process and it has worked!

Bish is very professional. It’s not easy doing this long distance but we’ve made it work. He looks at my results from the day’s training and whatever questions or comments I have, always comes back with thoughtful responses, adjustments, options, video, technique, whatever is needed. He also tells me why I am performing a movement, what I’m working and why it’s beneficial. You might not think it’s not important, but from having multiple PT’s with whom I never saw any results, I can tell you these are the reasons why it works with Bish.

His total approach to training and advice on ways to improve my diet has changed how I feel about myself. My waist is smaller, my clothes fit better, my energy is higher and I feel healthier!

I highly recommend Bish to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their health and life.

Karen Franklin, Washington DC, USA


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